Frank Abrams

Frank A. Abrams is a Lawyer, Author & Inventor.  He was born and raised in Miami Florida, the last of five children.  His father was an architect and his mother a homemaker.  He has been married to his wife Christina for sixteen years and has two children, Emily and Richard, and a housecat, Blossom. 

 He practices law and is a member of two state bars.  He presently lives in North Carolina where he is a “panel attorney,” focusing primarily on federal criminal defense and appeals.

 He is also the president of Banjo-Tam LLC., a North Carolina company which sells musical instruments.   He is the holder of United States Patent No. 6, 156. 960, “Stringed Musical Instrument Combination,” and his product is sold under his trademarked name; Banjo-Tam.

 His main endeavors, however, are those of being a husband and father and writing the next great American Novel.

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